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About us

The Anindya Ray Memorial Foundation (ARM Foundation) stands as a beacon of compassion and healing, founded in honor of the late Shri. Anindya Ray, an exemplary philanthropist who left an indelible mark on the community through his acts of kindness and charitable endeavors. 

Shri. Anindya Ray's legacy of selfless service and commitment to humanitarian values is beautifully carried forward by his son, Dr. Kingshuk Ray. Armed with an impressive background in medicine, Dr. Kingshuk Ray holds both an MBBS and an MD in Anesthesiology. Inspired by his father's altruistic spirit, he has dedicated himself to continuing the legacy of compassion. Driven by a profound desire to make quality healthcare accessible to all, Dr. Kingshuk Ray envisioned the ARM Foundation as a vehicle to provide free medical services to those in need. 

The ARM Foundation, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Kingshuk Ray, has become a testament to the family's commitment to philanthropy. Dr. Kingshuk Ray's expertise in medicine has been instrumental in steering the foundation towards new heights, making it a beacon of hope for individuals facing medical challenges without access to quality healthcare. 

At every step of shaping the ARM Foundation is Riya Chakraborty Ray, wife of Dr. Kingshuk Ray. She plays a pivotal role in the foundation's journey, contributing her dedication to humanitarian causes and strategic vision to the comprehensive approach adopted by ARM. Her involvement goes beyond a supporting role; she is an integral part of the formidable team that includes Dr. Kingshuk Ray. Together, they bring a harmonious blend of medical expertise and managerial acumen, creating a dynamic force for positive change. 

The ethos of the ARM Foundation is encapsulated in the heartfelt mantra, "Behind You, Besides You, For You." This guiding principle reflects the foundation's commitment to being a steadfast support system ("Behind You") for individuals facing medical challenges. "Besides You" emphasizes walking alongside individuals on their healthcare journey, offering not just medical services but a compassionate presence. The ultimate goal, "For You," embodies the foundation's dedication to the well-being of those they serve, ensuring that every effort and service is directed towards making a positive impact on their lives. 

In essence, the Anindya Ray Memorial Foundation, led by the compassionate trio of Shri. Anindya Ray's family, is a living embodiment of the Ray family's dedication to humanitarian values. Through their collective efforts, the foundation continues to honor 

Shri. Anindya Ray's legacy, providing healing, hope, and support to those in need, guided by the enduring ethos of "Behind You, Besides You, For You."

Meet the Directors

Riya Chakraborty Ray

Riya Chakraborty Ray, armed with a B.Tech and an MBA in Marketing, stands as a driving force behind the Anindya Ray Memorial Foundation. Her fusion of technical expertise and strategic marketing insight contributes significantly to the foundation’s impactful initiatives. As the wife of Dr. Kingshuk Ray, her commitment to philanthropy is not just a professional pursuit but a shared, heartfelt endeavor to create positive change within the community. She embodies a harmonious blend of skills and dedication, enriching the foundation’s mission with her profound contributions.

Dr. Kingshuk Ray

Dr. Kingshuk Ray, inheriting the altruistic spirit from his father Shri Anindya Ray, leads the Anindya Ray Memorial Foundation, tirelessly contributing to charitable causes. With an impressive background in medicine, he holds MBBS and MD in Anesthesiology, seamlessly blending his medical proficiency with a commitment to philanthropy, enhancing the well-being of those in need.

Awards and Recognition