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Free Medical Camp - 25th January, 2024

Led by the expertise of Dr. Kingshuk Ray, approximately 150 patients received invaluable medical consultations, complemented by the generous provision of free medicines and sponsored blood investigations, courtesy of Doctor's Diagnostic Centre.

This event exemplified the Foundation's holistic approach to healthcare, addressing both immediate medical needs and preventive care measures. Beyond medical services, the ARM Foundation recognized the importance of addressing broader community needs, facilitating the distribution of food and blankets to those facing hardships.

The event also served as a platform for collaboration and advocacy, with esteemed individuals such as Shri Kanaialal Agarwal, District President of AITC, Uttar Dinajpur, and Mr. Javed Akhtar, President of Zila Parishad, Islampur, in attendance. Their presence underscored the significance of community solidarity and collective action in advancing the cause of public health.

Moreover, the ARM Foundation extended invitations to senior doctors in Islampur, including Dr. Shamsher Ali, Dr. Mazhar Alam, and Dr. Binoy Bera, recognizing their invaluable contributions to healthcare in the region. Their participation further enriched the event, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration among medical professionals.

Through this collaborative effort, the ARM Foundation reaffirmed its dedication to honoring the legacy of Shri. Anindya Ray by providing essential healthcare services and support to those in need, while also fostering community engagement and advocacy for sustainable change.